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All those Facade goes in vain

“Jaundy days continues”

Read from the beginning that is from my first blog

So the next day i took rest,i called my friends while they were in college  and talked to them,heard that Braj’s count also went up and he went home…my health condition made me understand that i wont be able to go to college the next day which was really a bad news for me coz i wanted to be there with my people…

  Days passed and it became Monday and i went to see a doc nearby,he examined me and proposed complete rest and i felt “damn now i am screwed”…Me and my dad went to Muvattupuzha to check blood and while awaiting result we went to college.It was noon interval at college i saw my friends and that one and my dad met my teachers..After that we went to the lab to get result it said “bilirubin count is 8″…I was like “fuck what’s happening to me”..then the next mornin my eyes were all yellow….

And when u have jaundice food sucks…..i was allowed to eat fruits and drink juices and drink kanji and it was tuf for me and i dint had much food….

On 4th May Friday..I went and checked my blood again and then the count was 14.4 and then i realised modern medicine cant cure this shit…

And i went to see an ayurvedic doc he gave me some “kashaayams and lehyams” and told me to come on tuesday thats on may 8th…..thats the news till now…..


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  1. tsk tsk. such a pity. what will all the girls in the college do now that Rohan is having bed-rest. perhaps i should take control of the flock of fans and admirers for a while.

    Comment by Joe Kulangara | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  2. bro. joey i will be baak in full swing asap…

    Comment by rohan | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  3. hello..nw only am able 2 read ur webpage..itz really superb & very happy while reading anyone’s xperience..continue with ur work and am sure tht u can make a history..thz not joking & itz truly cmng 4m de core of my heart..

    Comment by Neethu | June 12, 2007 | Reply

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