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“DOC says eat shit for 4 more days then we will see”

 “Readers go through my previous blogs first”

So dear readers today is 8th may 2007 and today i am supposed to see my doc and test my blood.

I woke up when the clock hit 9 in the morning and till i left for the day’s stuff i was in the net hoping that person to be online..And by 11 i got out of the house and went to the town and gave my blood for test and while awaiting the result i went to a video library but i dint get any good movies..The awaited test result came my bilirubin count is now 11.4 which was 14.4 previously “oh thank god finally it is decreasing”.Then i went to my doc he checked my result and said “continue the medicines for 4 days and keep ur diet also intact “which means for 4 more days atleast what i can eat is



what i am allowed to drink is 



and more water not even a cup of tea.

People u may think that this is not that tough but let me tell you i am followin this kind of strict diet for last 2 weeks and now it has become tough for me to see people eat good stuff and me eating shit…it really suxxx….

I went home 50% happy and 50% sad..sad that i cant eat ne good food for 4 more days for sure and i am happy that my count is reducing and soon i will out with some action….

I came home and spent my day infront of my friends phoned me…i got person online…sreejith bhai was online and i chatted with joey for sometime about dvds and now i am waitin for night to get old,coz i got business to do in nite…he he what business i will tell u later….


May 8, 2007 - Posted by | Being Me, College, My World, Rohan

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  1. damn it….only water?i just can’t imagine the situation….

    Comment by Anil | May 9, 2007 | Reply

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