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Today my college is re-opening after two weeks of vacation,actually the vacation was coz  people had jaundice in college…College re-opens or not but what matters me “today” is not that but the thing is today i had two functions to attend…

First and the most important one was the marriage of my classmate’s sister…I was in kind of good company with her sister so obviously i wanted to attend the marriage but since i am kind of down with this jaundice thing my parents didn’t allow me to go…I am sure the marriage should have been fun with all my friends there…”God i wanted to be there”……

Second is a house warming function,actually my cousin built a house very near to mine and today is the house warming function…All my relatives and neighbours are present there..The new house is very close to mine so all the people came there also came to my home…And every one came to see me and is shitting sympathizing like “Oh!look at the poor boy,he’s so tired and he has become so thin”…Oh come on please cut the fucking crap,i don’t want anyone to sympathize on my fucking condition damn it…..

And the reason why i didn’t attend the house warming function was, i know and a good number of people also know that jaundice spreads only through food and water but there can be people who doesn’t know that and may think that i am why i should cause a shit….so i quarantined my self to the top floor of my home….

That’s it i missed two cool functions both of which i wanted to attend…..

Ya i know sometimes in life “SHIT HAPPENS”


May 14, 2007 - Posted by | Being Me, My World, Rohan

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