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The University Exam Which Chopped Me Down


Today my 4th semester university exam results are out.Out of the 8 subjects I am screwed for 2.As a part of the tradition most of the “big daddies” in the software field will be coming for campus recruitment in my next semester and by that time i am supposed to be a “no-fucking-back-fucking- paper” person and right now the placement seems like a distant shore and i am standing in a wrecked ship.

The way i screwed my exams

Last semester i was hit with ‘Jaundice’.The normal count of bilirubin of a healthy person is supposed to be less than 1 and i was hit so hard that my bilirubin count went upto 14.4.And during my internal exams i was having a bilirubin count of 7 and obviously i screwed all the internals.As a result i was under-sessional for 4 subjects.And out of the 4 subjects i failed for one.The next subject which i failed is called “Signals And Systems(SAS)” fearfully called as “Supply After Supply”.Out of 25 boys in my class 21 got fucked for this fucking subject(Great na out of 25..21 got kicked on their b***s).Cheers to those who got through.

And i had a back paper in the 3rd semester and it was “Electrical Circuits And Systems(ECS)” fearfully called by me as “Extremely Catastrophic Subject”.There were students from my class to write the supplementary exam there were my seniors,my super seniors, a lot of people to write that supplementary and the result came as “Nobody from this so-and-so college passed”…ya not even a single person passed…what the fuck on earth will cause such a mass fucking failure….i think that the university might not have even seen the papers…Ya that kind of things happen in my University……

So here i am an “Inglorious Bastard” standing with a total of 3 back papers with a fear that i won’t be allowed to appear for the campus placements…But remember I am still fucking standing…I am still fucking standing….I am no way fucking broken…

P.S1:-yeah its true that there are lot of people in my class whose results are worse than mine…but with all that bull shitting facade people has put up for me…i am supposed to be placed in a big company…am i not…What say you?…..

P.S2:-All the abbreviations given in the topic are made by me…i am damn good in that


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