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All those Facade goes in vain

I quit for sometime,wen will i be back…dont know now..

I quit for sometime,wen will i be back…dont know now..take care all of you….i will be reading ur blogs all the time….thanks …


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Heath Ledger-The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger  talks about “The Joker”

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Heath Ledger-May Your Soul Rest In Peace


Heath Ledger(4thApril 1979-22nd January 2008)

Gone,he’s gone…..What’s there to say, yet another  great talent fades away…RIP Heath….


  • The Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus(in production)
  • The Dark Knight(2008,post production—–The Joker)
  • I’m not there(2007———Robbie Clark)
  • Candy(2006—————-Dan)
  • Casanova(2005————-Casanova)
  • Brokeback Mountain(2005-Ennis Del Mar)
  • The Brother’s Grimm(2005-Jacob Grimm)
  • Lord’s of Dogtown(2005—-Skip)
  • The Order(2003———–Alex Bernier)
  • Ned Kelly(2003————Ned Kelly)
  • The Four Feathers(2002—Harry Faversham)
  •  Monster’s Ball(2001——-Sonny Brotowski)
  • A Knight’s Tale(2001——-Sir William Thatcher)
  • The Patriot(2000———-Gabriel Martin)
  • Two Hands(1999———–Jimmy)
  • 10 Things I hate about you(1999-Patrick Verona)
  • Paws(1997—————–Oberon)
  • Blackrock(1997————-Ackland)

Heath Ledger as “Joker” in “The Dark Knight”….His last movie….Bye…


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Five movies a single day..

Yesterday was a disappointing day.I was alone,all alone.The people i love were busy yesterday and i was sitting idle at home.

Morning 9am,I was finding it hard to escape from my loneliness and planned to watch a movie..I started seeing STARDUST

Awsome movie,i haven’t seen such a great fantasy movie in near time..Was bowled over

The movie finished by 11 o’clock

Rating 10/10

After that i took a break for half an hour and started with another one RONIN  starred by Robert De Niro.It was also a very good movie.


Rating 9.5/10

Then from 5pm i started with the next movie of the day The Kingdom.This movie was kind of looking an above average movie.But the last 30-40 minutes or something was just awsome.


Rating 9.5/10

Then next show began around 8:30pm which was Rescue Dawn.I think one the best performance by Christian Bale


Rating 10/10

The final show began at 1am which was the must desired Y Tu Mama Tambien

Glorious movie…..


Rating 10/10

And i finshed the business by around 3:30 am.

Whatever  are not happening as i desire.Or however lonely i am…These movies,while i watch them take me to another level…Stardust was showing me one hell of a fantasy world….Rescue Dawn was entertaining me with the life of a USAF pilot shot down behind enemy lines in Vietnam……

Was a great day for my movie desire alone…Everything else is screwed…….

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Johnny Depp singing in Sweeney Todd

Its the video of Johnny Depp singing in his recent movie “Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Sweeney Todd

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Fuck I just can’t stop writing about that Cricket Match

You guys tell me…which is more abusive….Calling someone “MONKEY” or calling someone “MOTHER F****R”….

I guess its not the “MONKEY”…so who is more filthy scum..

Aussie Chimpanzies who use the F word here there everywhere  even to their fathers or someone who just used a word “MONKEY”

I know this post doesn’t make any sense because I am out of sense now….

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I am disappointed,we all are.Ind v/s Aus 2nd test,Sydney jan 2008


How did India lose that test match yesterday.India certainly deserved better.Were it the two men in white coats,a lot of people say it was.One thing i knew for sure,we deserved better much better.We played brilliantly in the 1st innings, we got a lead over the Aussies.This match will be remembered for the vital mistakes made by the two umpires.

If we have to get a player like Andrew Symonds out 5 times inorder to make him out legally.We had to get Ponting out twice.Our best batsman is going out caught behind when the ball was nowhere near the bat.Our in-form batsman is caught in the slip from a half-volley.Our opening batsman is bowled on a no ball.The umpire is asking for the confirmation of the fielding captain for a catch instead of the square leg umpire or the 3rd umpire.How the hell on earth are we supposed to save a match.

On Steve Bucknor:-

Steve Bucknor ‘was’ once the best umpire in the world after Dicky Bird and David Shepherd.But now he’s a goddamn failure.There is no point in saying that he has made 50 great decisions in a match and only a 5 went wrong.That’s bullshit…Good that he has been replaced from the Perth test.

On Mark Benson:-

Next one,the Ganguly decision itself shows his ignorance.

On Symonds:-

Before legally declared out,he was out some 4-5 times but not even a single time our respected umpires saw that.

On Ponting:-

On 17 he was caught behind,but umpires didn’t give him out and he didn’t walk..Ok fine…

While fielding:-

Appeal against Dhoni:-

Brad Hogg was bowling andPonting was fielding at the silly-point.Ball hit Dhoni’s pad and went up.Ponting took a stunning catch and started appealing claiming the catch.And it was clearly seen that when Ponting hit the ground the ball also was grounded and he was appealing falsely.

Ganguly’s dismissal:-

Saurav edged a ball and Michael Clark took the catch at 2nd slip.There was a doubt that Clark took it on a half-volley.Saurav stood his ground and asked the umpire whether he took the catch.Instead of consulting with the square leg umpire,umpire Benson asked the fielding captain Mr. Ponting for the clarification and ponting without doubt said the catch was taken and Saurav was declared out.Brilliant job Mr.Benson you a$$h### to trust a player who claims a fake catch,who doesn’t walk even if he has edged the ball….Screw you sucker…

Dravid’s dismissal:-

Dravid tried to defend a ball from Symonds and missed it,on the way to the keeper’s glove the ball brushed Dravid’s pads.All the Aus players went up appealing and Mr.Bucknor without a doubt gave it out.Replays clariffied that the ball was nowhere near the bat.

On Adam Gilchrist:-

He was the player whom i respected the most in the Australian team.When a keeper catches a ball standing close up to the stumps he exactly knows whether it did edge the bat or not.Adam knew it didn’t touch the bat of Dravid and still he went up at once appealing. He is free to do it,but apart from other Aus players we all expect him to be a gentleman.

On Wasim Jaffer’s dismissal:-

Brett Lee bowled Wasim Jaffer on a no-ball,Lee was over stepping.

Malcolm Speed;-

The CEO(Chief Eatshit Officer) of ICC said “it was just another bad day at the office for the umpires”

My Comment:-


Hey you a****** you have degraded yourself you fucking piece of shit..

@Malcolm Speed:-

Yo freaking piece of sh**,why is this goddamn umpires having there bloody “bad-fucking-day-at-fucking-office” only when we play.And even when we play all their bad fucking hours go against us…

p.s:-Any of people have any problem after reading this post…FUCKING BRING IT ON..

I will face it..

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Last blog post of 2007 in the world.or first post of 2008

I am going to hit the “publish” button for this at 23:59:50…10 seconds before the new year.If it gets posted within 10seconds i hope this will be the last post by a blogger in 2007 and by chance if it takes more than 10sec to get posted then it will be the 1st post of 2008 by a blogger….I hope so…….


am i insane…i think so

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One Night @ The Call Center—A Dream


Last day i finished reading a book called “One Night @ The Call Center” by Chetan Bhagat,the same guy who wrote the book “Five Point Someone” about the 3 underdogs in IIT.What i am going to say here is a dream that i had yesterday night.In the book the author said the story through the eyes of “Shyam”,a guy who stands close to the character of the author.

So in my dream i was with “Shyam”,i was with him on our way to the Call Center where he worked.And then we reached there and i found the place look more like a Govt. office rather than a Call Center(trust me weird things happen in dreams).There I saw all the characters from the book,i met them,i talked to them.”Esha” looked really hot so was “Priyanka”.”Vroom” was screwing some dumb American on the phone.”Radhika” was cursing her husband,”Military Uncle” was on his computer at one end of the room and “Shyam” was tapping the conversation between Priyanka and Ganesh.

This is the outline of the dream.I have dreamt about a lot of things.I have dreamt about “the girl” a lot,i have dreamt about my family,my didi,my friends,me being a celebrity..But this is the first time i have dreamt about the scenario of a book and characters of the book.I felt awsome.

p.s:- I donno how people who haven’t read this book will understand this post.Shyam,Vroom Esha etc are all characters of the book.

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I am Happy that I am in India and not in my neighbouring country

Yesterday Pakistan’s former PM Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.News said that she was shot in the face and chest and then the suicide bomber blew the place up.


Even if my country is not ran by ideal people,even if my country is not perfect.I am happy that my country is stable,achieving a great economic growth.My country didn’t face any Emergency,there was no military coup,there is no terrorist attack back to back in succession.

My country may not be perfect but I am so happy to belong to my country.And there is a line from Rang De Basanti “Koi desh perfect nahi hota,Usse perfect banana padtha hain”

I am supposed to say all these .After all I am a guy who only because of his love to the nation and armed forces wrote the National Defence Academy( NDA) entrance exam inspite of his mother’s constant opposition,but couldn’t get through may be because of my mother’s prayers.

I am proud of my Nation..

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