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Freestyle Stunting+Cops=Very Bad

I have mentioned in one of previous post that I am a member of Biker club called Team DFG.The team grew from a mere biker club to a fully fledged Freestyle Stunt Team.The team got amazing members who are really great friends obviously all of the very much talented than me.But none of them have any arrogance,always ready to help.

As part of my final year btech project i was staying in the city near to my stunt spot.And my bike’s clutch had some problems,and i was not able to do wheelies so i gave the bike to load the clutch and change the clutch plates.

I was sleeping in my rooom….its on the top floor of a three storeyed building.””””Rohhaa Rohaaaa”..someone is yelling my name from the road.

I woke up and  looked down through the window.There was this guy from our team who is not even 18 and had no license to ride with my bike.

he:”dude check it out ur bike is like a rocket now,can pop a wheelie           even in 3rd gear”

me:”wat!! a wheelie in 3rd gear????!!!!”

he:”yaaa come down check it out”

I went down and rode the bike..feels powerfull..but i didnt try to pop a wheelie coz it was a public road and never ever stunt on a public road.I kept my urge to try a wheelie for the next day coz anyway next day we had planned for a practice session.

Next Day


By the time of practice most of my team members couldn’t come only me and the guy whom i talked to yesterday was there.But still we wanted to go out and practice.I was dying to do the wheelie which is a like a puzzle which i can never crack.

So went to the stunt spot,there was me and this team member of mine for stunting and one friend of mine and 3 of his for watching the session.Our stunt spot is a private property which surely is not owned by us.It has really good long roads.We reached there and started practicing.Now also for me the front wheel is not popping up.It’s lamost like how it was before…”SHIT…what the Shit”….”When the fuck will i ever be able to do a nice decent wheelie,damn”…i was but still trying….

I throttledd my bike up released the clutch suddenly and the front wheel lifted like 2-3 feet  only and when i landed the front wheel i saw a police vehicle some 15feet away to the right of me.The other guy also reached near me and i said “dude fuck cops cops”…

He:”what cops..where the fuck”

Me:”look to the right..damn man”

He:”Dude let’s get the hell out of here….”

Me:”No NO don’t bounce…wait let’s talk them out..don’t fucking run dude”

He:”man i don’t have a fucking license…they will really whack me i am going”

With that he flew way with his bike……..

I turned my bike slowly and went near the police vehicle and removed my helme,elbow and knee guards.

Inpector:”Call that freak who just ran or all of you are going to jail”

Me:”ohh oh  ok sir 1sec and i took my mobile to call him”

Right then one of his friend came to me and said “Dude he doesn’t have his cell with him..he gave it to me while he was it is and took his mobile out”

“fucking great bloody fucking great the best fucking thing to say infront of a cop”

Inspec:”Gimmee that phone…tell him to come to the police station with the bike and get the phone back”…”you are you drunk”

Me:”no no sir”

inspec:”blow on my face”

me:”phooo phooo” blowing

inspec:”what are u retards doing here”


inspec:”wat practice”

me:”sir stunt practice”

Inspec:”phaaaaa if u fuckers fall down and die who will be responsible u freaks”

And the cops took one of his friend who was on a bike watching us stunting and had no license.

Great everything looked screwed now.

The guy who flew on his bike appeared from the other side of the road and came to us.He me,my friend and one other team member went to the police station with the bike on which he flew.

Me:”sir this is the guy who ran away seeing you”

Inspec to him:”take ur license”

He:”i don’t have one”

Inspec:”Wait inside the station”

He then went out in his jeep for patroling.

So the team guy and his friend was inside the police station.Me and my friend was standing in the porch of the station.The guys who were inside the station was sitting comfortably  on chairs and me and my friend was bloody standing in the porch.we all were waiting for the mighty inspector to return.The cops who were in the station was talking to the guys in there,they said its simple matter and when the Inspec comes remit the fine amount and we they will be free to go.

After one hour the inspector came and he was demanding that the parents of the guys should come or else he won’t let them go.The father of one of the guy is in Dubai and he got only his mother at home.

We were like talking kind of requesting that we will remit the fine and please let us go without informing the parents.After long time the inspec said.”Ok bring 2 guys who got valid licenses and bring the fine amount also” and he went out again.

Ok Ok now its time to do something..I called two of my friends up..called one of the main guy of the team up and asked all of them to come to the station and me and my friend went to the ATM and took money and was waiting at the station for the Inspec.

He came back after another 2 hours.

Inspec to me:”what do you guys will stand like this only or will be going home also”

me:”sir friends with license are coming with money”

Inspec:”friends no no..what if i want to see his father himself”

What the fuck man..just sometime back he said bring anyone with license.

Me:”sir u said anyone with money right”

Inspec:”no no i want see their parents themselves”

Ohh come on man don’t shit on our fucking face like this..

Then the Inspector himself called up the dad of the stunter guy.And by the time my friends also came.

Me and my friend was standing there from 4pm and now it was 9pm.The guys inside were wearing low-waist jeans.So kind of naturally their briefs were visible.The cops were kind of ragging them really.We could hear all of it while we were standing outside.Those guys were kids only 17years old and were school kids and the cops were talking to them as if they were some criminals.What a shame…What a bloody shame..

His dad also came…The cops were yelling at those kids in front of his dad.What might have that poor dad felt…It was written on the wall of the police staion







Fuck…I bloody shame on you….

Then the stunter guy came out and said

He:”dude the fine amount is two five hundred”

Main guy from team takes two five hundred rupee notes from his pocket and it is two…five hundreds…

He:”No man its 2500″

main guy:”da go and say that u heard two five hundred”

wow man great i bow to your wit at this point of time…it was around 10 in the night…me and my poor friend was standing in the porch for 6hours…ya standing like shit for 6 fucking hours…great day

P.S—- freestyle stunting+cops=very bad

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Good one…

Nice one…..


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Cup of Life

Iam kind of mad now….my adrenalin is on a high

and please bear……

Last sunday i was completely involved in soccer.I saw Barcelona F.C playing Espaniyol and i was playing “Fifa 07” all the day in my comp.I have always loved football.

While I was playing Fifa in my comp. a phone came,it was a senior of me…he asked “hey can you play for our branch tommorow in an intra collegiate football match”..I still was having that traces of jaundice and i was strictly forbidden from straining my body but football always have been my weakness or passion or craze so i couldn’t resist and i agreed to play….

Next day we were playing against Electrical dept. At 4:00pm we were ready and hit the ground.I looked at the team, 11 of us and i was shocked to realize that out of the 11 six were having jaundice. And when i talked to them i was again shocked to know that only 4 or 5 of us knew anything about football all the others were just in to make the playing eleven,we didnt even had a substitute.

I asked the captain “hey lets do the formation

4-4-2”.He agreed “ye man 4-4-2 is fine”.Then one of my fellow team mate asked “what’s a formation,and what’s 4-4-2″……

I was hit–“we are giong to play a football match with a guy who didn’t know what’s a 4-4-2 in football,great”..Then we had to expalin what’s

4-4-2 its 4 defenders+4mid fielders(2 of ’em on either wings)+2 strikers….

Then i heard the captain asking a lad “dude u do the defence,guard the left flank”….That guy said “nope i will do the mid-field”…Iam fucking sure that he knew no fuck about what’s happening in mid-field in a football match..

Match began and i was playing as a central defender and in between once when i looked on to my right side …there were no defenders from my team in front of the goal and 3 of the rival team’s strikers were waiting in front of our post for the ball….what a fuck…

I ran my ass off during the match and i was yelling and shouting and i fucked up my bloody throat…

In b/w one tall guy from my class who was in the team was saying “aliya enikku onnum kaanaan pattunnilla,kannil eruttu kerunnu”…..Fuck him every1 was in the same condition…..

We lost the match in quite a good margin but any way i was happy with what i did on field…Everyone from my team tried their best but the thing was most of ’em were not familiar with football…….

Cheers to all who came and joined and played for our team and for putting up a fight and keeping the spirits high in filed…….

Then there another group of m fuckers…they are all over the place bastards..,,These assholes will never get into any kind of actions like these but will be there at first place to blame or mock or to make fun of those who played but unfortunately lost….

There are guys in my class and everywer to whom we asked “dude please come and play we don’t have enuf team members”…..Its fine if they don’t come but if they keep their mouths shut,but their are some fuckers who were like next day “ha ha why did u guys play yesterday to lose”…..I have only one thing to say to those bastards “fuckers u are the worst creations ever happened on earth and u ppl are a burden to mother earth go get a life or hang urself bastards”….

Wow i am feel a lil releived when i wrote all these….

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