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One Night @ The Call Center—A Dream


Last day i finished reading a book called “One Night @ The Call Center” by Chetan Bhagat,the same guy who wrote the book “Five Point Someone” about the 3 underdogs in IIT.What i am going to say here is a dream that i had yesterday night.In the book the author said the story through the eyes of “Shyam”,a guy who stands close to the character of the author.

So in my dream i was with “Shyam”,i was with him on our way to the Call Center where he worked.And then we reached there and i found the place look more like a Govt. office rather than a Call Center(trust me weird things happen in dreams).There I saw all the characters from the book,i met them,i talked to them.”Esha” looked really hot so was “Priyanka”.”Vroom” was screwing some dumb American on the phone.”Radhika” was cursing her husband,”Military Uncle” was on his computer at one end of the room and “Shyam” was tapping the conversation between Priyanka and Ganesh.

This is the outline of the dream.I have dreamt about a lot of things.I have dreamt about “the girl” a lot,i have dreamt about my family,my didi,my friends,me being a celebrity..But this is the first time i have dreamt about the scenario of a book and characters of the book.I felt awsome.

p.s:- I donno how people who haven’t read this book will understand this post.Shyam,Vroom Esha etc are all characters of the book.

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Eragon Book–Review

Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)eragon1.jpg
by Christopher Paolini Hardcover: 528 pages
Publisher: Knopf; (August 26, 2003)
ISBN: 0375826688
Reading level: Young Adult
Christopher Paolini began writing Eragon when he was just 15 years old. Christopher’s love of science fiction and fantasy shines through and will encourage young fantasy readers to pick up this hefty sized book. The character of the book, Eragon, is a young farm boy, who finds a mysterious blue stone, in a field, while out hunting. He attempts to trade it for food for his family, without success. He had no idea the mysterious stone would hatch into a sapphire-blue dragon. Eragon decides to secretly care for and raise the dragon. After his father is killed by evil forces known as the Ra’zac, he learns that he is the last of the Dragon Riders and the dragon egg was meant to find him.

In a race to hunt down those who killed his father he realizes his destiny is much larger then he knows, an entire Empire may be relying on him.

Eragon and his dragon Saphira must set out to find their roles in this Empire. They encounter many humans, dwarves, elves and nasty Urgals along their dangerous travels. It is a whole new world Eragon must face filled with ancient languages, magical powers, perilous situations and sudden battles.

Like many books of this genre, there are many names, places and ancient languages which may prove difficult to decipher at first. Maps and glossaries are provided to help sort things out. Despite this, the book is easy for young readers to grasp and pages will be flying fast.

Just when you think you get to the end of the book you find out the story doesn’t end here.

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