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Team DFG(Dog Fight Gang)

                                       Whoa its been really long since i have been blogged.Hmm i guess its time to come back,donno what made me stop blogging for sometime i donno..ha actually i dont give a heck..right now i feel like writin and iam writin simple…Its about a gang a biker gang say my biker gang called the Dog Fight Gang(DFG)…

                                    Few months before there was a recruitment drive held at a college by Satyam Computers.I was there and then there i met this old friend of mine who was with me in a 4 day camp which was held 5 years before,let’s call him Black Jack.I met this guy talked a bit and that evening i got a friendship request from him on orkut.Then after a few days i got an invite from him to join the community of a biker gang in orkut,the gang was DFG..this dude along with some other guy was the founder of this gang.I joined the community and after that i was in close contact with him thru Orkut.

                                  Then Black Jack started uploading cool bike stunting pics in Orkut which were really cool.And when i asked him about it,he said they have a new friend now who’s name is Daredevil and he’s from a reputed acclaimed biker gang called “Gravity Warriors(GW)” from Pune.GW i recognised as one of the best stunting group in India.After that i asked Black Jack for DFG decals and i personally met him to get the decals.This time with him was a slim guy with a beard which was like what..showing his atitude.He was the other co-founder of the gang let’s call him “Hellcat”.

                                                      After this we discussed about various stunts in our community in orkut and i was the guy who knew nothing except for the normal burnouts.I tried some of the stunts which they told me how to do thru the internet,nothing worked except for a stunt called “Suicide Burnout”..and the interesting thing is Suicide Burnout is something considered to be a tougher stunt than some of the basic stunts.


                                                   Since nothing worked much i decided to join them for practice and me and my partner in crime “genuine” went for a session of practice with these guys.The practice spot is 60+ km away from my town,so a 120+kms bothways.There i met “falcon” and the “daredevil” in person and they were all doing amazing stuffs and i had my first stunt lessons from  a pro-stunter “Daredevil” of Gravity Warriors.”Falcon” is an amazing stunter nails most of the stunts like a piece of cake and there was no need for any description for the “daredevil”,he was a pro.I saw the “daredevil” skitching at over a 80kph you know just like a flash,the continuous “rolling burnout” around a bike with almost accurate precison.The first stunt session itself i got hold of a stunt called “stoppie(endo)” and later i was joining them more frquently for practice and learned more stunts like compass,skitch etc a bit.And during one of our practice session at a more public spot we saw another biker gang having a DFG decal on their bike.Some guys from a college asked us to perform a stunt show in their college.Made contacts with top stunters in India…we are “ALMOST FAMOUS”…stillll riding wild….


p.s:-we stunt only on private property,no showing off in public spots and we hate wannabes.


Ride Safe..



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The “F” Word


My advice for all of you out there before reading this post—–This post will be having explicit content and especially the “f” word a lot…so if you dont want to read,quit now………..Now if you want to read you can but dont blame me later.

Me Rohan the almost sole user of the beautiful word “fuck” among all my friends and may be even in my class.I am not a school student iam doing my pre-final year of Btech.

Why is there all these fuzz about this particular word.I have been criticized a lot for using this “fuck” here there and everywhere.

Once in my orkut profile there was pic saying “i dont give a fucking shit” and for days one senior was after me like sweared to god that he will make me change that pic.He was like using the word “fuck” is like a fucking crime.And finally he lost and he gave me the title of “Brand Ambassador of FUCK”.

Why are people like this…..the meaning of FUCK according to Cambridge International Dictionary of English is as follows

Fuck-1.slang to have sex.

2.act of having sex or a sexual partner

3.slang used when expressing extreme anger or annoyance to add force to what is being said.

That’s it we all use fuck just to express our anger or annoyance or frustration or sometimes even our exclamations.Nobody say the word “fuck” keeping only the other sexual part in mind.

If i say “fuck you” i dont mean i wanna have sex with you,it just mean that i am someway disturbed or annoyed by you.

Some phrases with “fuck” in it have really different meaning like:-

Fuck off – go away

Fuck all -nothing

Fuck about /around -mess around

Fuck up -to damage,to harm or doing something very badly

Fucker/Fuckhead -stupid,idiot

So if i say “fuck off” means “go away” it got no shit to do with sex.There are even people who stare at me when i use this word and i like to play the “i caught you staring at me son of a b****” game with them.

Once i was online in Google talk and one of my junior came to chat with me,let me quote that conversation here:-

Jr. -hi,rohan how are you?

Me-cool man,iam doing well

Jr. -I heard that u use the “f” word a lot,please dont use it its bad…bye…tc…c u

I was like “what the fuck just happened”……

In one of my previous posts i have written a paragraph using quite a lot of “fucks” in that,i wrote it as my friend Genuine saying..Actually Genuvi meant something like that but what i wrote was my creation…So the next day one of my senior who is a very good friend of mine said to me like “Bro rohan i thought the best sentence by a man is “FUCK THE FUCKING FUCKERS” but you outnumberd that by this one great paragraph of ur’s..kool man”…I felt so bloody fucking good,for the first fucking time someone is fucking appreciating me for using the word “fuck” aint it fucking awsome,yeah i felt fucking awsome.

So who am i among my pals and classmates, a lone “Inglorious Bastard”.There are even people who fucking judge a person’s fucking character by just fucking noticing their appearances.What the fuck should i say to them…….

“So if u fucking hate me for fucking use the fucking word fuck a lot of fucking times all the fuck i can fucking say is fucking that i will fucking deliver fucking you these fucking kind of fucking sentences which fucking got a fucking number of fucks in fucking it,and for fuck’s sake i dont fucking regret a fucking shit”

P.S:-I request you guys a song called “hotdog” by limp bizkit,the word fuck is used more than 50 times in that song….

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The Copland

Yes here is it my one and only encounter with cops till this moment…..

The time is february 2006.We planned to go for a one-day tour to Munnar from our class.And Me and Genuine was expected to arrange the mode of transport i.e obviously a tourist bus.And this duty fell upon us just a week before the proposed date of tour.We enquired for bus in the near by towns but none was available.So we were forced to book a bus from a town which some 25+ kms away from our college.Our trip to Munnar was planned for a saturday and the previous thursday was a holiday due to some gig.So me and Genuine planned to go and pay the advance for the bus.So we both met at Muvattupuzha and one of my other frined who was not from my college was also with me.So we were 3 guys and we had one bike.Let the name of my other friend be Ebin.

Me:”aliya ethu eppo nammal 3per elle,and we have only 1bike…kyaa kareein”

Genuvi:”yaa enthu cheyyum”

Ebin:”no probs dudes,nammalkku triples vakkaam”

me:”deey wat if police pokkiyaal”

Ebin:”no way man…avar eppo anagane onnum pokkilla and we just hav to go only 25 kms

Genuvi:”yeah let’s go”

Me:”oh ya then let’s go”

So like that we went,we reached there and we gave the money for the bus.We started our ride back.And then we saw a vehicle of “Highway police” going in the same way wer we have to go.

Me:”Ohh fuck…fuck now what u idiots..i told u..shit”

Genuvi:”We will go after them..let’s keep a distance and go very slowly(the cops were moving like what 30km/hr and this Ebin dude rarely keeps his bike below 90km/h)

Ebin:”Assholes do we have any other choice you idiots”

Me:”Fuck u man..u calling me an was all ur bull-fucking-shitting idea”

Then for 15kms we wer like pursuing the cops very slowly.Ok one thing here Ebin was riding the bike,i was sitting just behind him then Genuvi after me.

Then suddenly we saw the vehicle of cops coming back,that is they were coming back to us.

Me:”Holy mother of god now what…..for fuck’s sake we are screwed”

Ebin:”Damn what we do”

(Here comes the brilliance of the idiotic Genuine)

Genuvi:”yo u slow the vehicle and i will jump”

Me:”say what!!!jump…jesus f christ.. r u sure”

Ebin:”dude r u sure”

Genuvi:”yeah dudes hit the brakes”

Ebin started slowing the bike and right then that idiot genuine jumped..His jump was so fucking perfect that he landed fucking flat on his bloody face…..idiot….the worst idea of a life time.

It happened right in the middle of a juction and there wer hell a lot of people.They thought Genuvi accidently fell off from the bike.

People started shouting…”da pillere de ningalude friend vandiyennu veenu”

I looked and gave the crowd a smile and we were acclerating.The cops came from opposite direction.The driver of their vehicle said “Bike side lekku othukkeda”

We parked our vehicle and went to the Police jeep.

Cop:”wer’s ur friend.we saw u 3 in the mirror”

Ebin:”he just jumped”

Cop:”idiots ninakkokke vattano…eni chaadiyavan vallo chathum poyaal athum njangalude thalayil erikkum”

Me:”sorry sir”

Cop:”sorry kope…adichu ninte okke shape matanam” he turned to the inspector who was sitting inside the vehicle and asked “sir 3ennathinem pokki station il kondupovam alle”

Hearing that i heard a sound…”What was that did Genuvi pissed on his jeans”

Cop:”what r u people doing”

Me:”Sir btech”
Cop:”kollam veetukaare chuttikaan aayittu raavile erangikolum”

Here i should describe our appearance.Me long hair,short tight shirt,and my jeans had some strings hanging.Ebin kind of long hair even though not as much of mine rest somewat like mine.Genuvi hair was short but rest almost same.

A crowd of men gathered around us.Everyone was giving their piece of talk,and we 3 were standing like 3clowns in circus in the middle of the crowd.

At the time of this event a movie called “Anniyan” was a trend.

One local dude came to us he looked at me closely,i looked at him…He looked at Genuvi and he looked at Ebin.And he said loudly to all…”hmmm 3ennom undu Anniyan,Ambi, Remo kolllaaam”

We 3 of us looked at each other pathetically.Then the cop started to laugh and all the people stared laughing.We really felt like clowns now.

The cops adviced us and let us go.We reached our home town and went to a bakery and sat down together thinking what just happened.

Genuvi:”Actually aa pulli aareya Ambi ennu viliche”

Ebin:”Ninne aayirikkum”

Genuine:”poda thendi enne remo nna viliche i am sure”

Ebin:”Enna pinne ee rohane aayirikkum”

I didnt say a word…I didnt say a fucking word what i was thinking was

“karthaave nee oru kurishalle chumannulloo njan ethaa evide 2ennam chumakkunnu”

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“Please can u come with us”–or how we screwed our exam and money

February 15th 2007.One of my friend named sherine had his Basic Electrical Engg. supplementary exam on that day.So genuvi (Genuine i call him genuvi) and me went to the college to see Sherry(sherine).Exam got over in the evening and we three were talking and having fun.Then the phone rang,i picked up the was our class tutor..

Tutor: “genuine….”

me: “no miss its me rohan..y u called miss”

T:”rohan if in this sem we have to go for tour we should do it before the college re-opens”

Me:”Miss the college re-opens on 26th..its only 9 days..

in such a short time how can we manage everything”

T:”i know its difficult but the principal will not allow otherwise”

Me:”Miss right now wer r u”

T:”i am in the college bus”

(College bus was parked rt in front of me)

We 3 went to the bus and talked to her…She told us that if we had to go for the trip we had to do it b4 26th of that month.That was the new rule of the principal.And we had to conduct it as an Industrial Visit,i.e 3 days tour and in that 3 days one day we were supposed to visit one industry.

Exams wer all over….each and every soul went home…Hostel was vacant…It was damn tough to contact the students….

We went home..we called a lot of students through phone we were online the whole night asking people to come for tour….By the next morning we arranged enough students to conduct the tour.

We 3 were happy coz within one night we contacted almost all the students and most of ’em were ready to come….Next day we went to college happily and we met our tutor…

Me:”Miss we can do it..the students are which all faculties will be coming,

u r coming naa”

T:”Rohan i would really like to come but i have some functions which by no way i can

miss….u ask other teachers”

Me:”Ok miss we will ask the rest”

(There were some 8-10 staff in our dept. we were sure that we will find one)

We went one another teacher

“Miss will you come with us for the tour”

Miss:”first u find a male staff…coz we female staffs alone cant control all of u”

So we went to the one and only male staff of our dept…..”sir the tour”

Sir:”i cant come i have my first class of campus connect then….i cant miss that”

And he agreed us to arrange the Industry to visit.

We thought “shit now what”

So for the rest of some days we went to each and every male staff of the college asking “sir please can u come please can u come”….

Everyone had one or the other excuse

The funniest part was our meetings with our principal.

We went into his room to ask for the permission..We mean Sherry,Genuvi and Me

Principal:”yes Industry visit is good…its better to see an Elephant alive than watching its picture…so u guys carry on but come back befor 26th morning”

And we agreed to him completely

After half an hour we 3 again went to see the principal to ask for a male staff from the mechanical engg. dept.

Principal:”yes seeing an elephant alive is better than seeing its picture”

I looked at Genuvi…Genuvi looked at me..We both looked at sherry..Sherry was

shaking his head like he was agreeing with the principal

I whispered to genuvi “abbe yaar wat happened to him he said the same thing half an hour back and what the hell happened to sherry why is he shaking his head”

Principal asked us to obtain a female staff from our dept. then he can allow a male staff from mech. dept.

We came out of his room and right then genuvi asked me “alla principal paranjathil entho sathyam elle…ee anaye nerittu kaanuthalle”

I said “shut up both of u..let’s continue our begging”

We went to all the teachers and no one was ready to come…

And in between the sir who agreed to arrange Industry came and said “i cant arrange industry..they are asking for notice blah blaah blaah”

So now we knew we are screwed no industry and no female staff

We said “sir we paid 5000 bucks advance for the bus,if we dont go we will lose the money and we gave it from our pockets”

Sir:”tell them that we will book their bus next sem and get the money back

Who on earth will be mad enuf to listen to such a thing.

We 3 had an Electronincs improvement exam next day(20th feb).

That evening Genuvi came to my home and we didnt take the book instead we were calling all the teachers and pleading them to come.We must have called our tutor atleast 10 times that nite….She was the only one who understood us.

Next day exam was at 1:30 and till 12:30 we were doing the same pleading stuff and we completely screwed our exam.Next day morning sherry called me “aliya tour cancelled..”

me:”wat…shhe wer r u”

Sherine:”iam at college..nee vegam engu vaaa”

I went to college and the news was true the gig was cancelled.

We all 3 felt damn bad..for this to happen we screwed our exam…we must have called atleast a 150 calls from our phones for this and now its all over.

We just sat on the steps in front of our dept. and thought what to do.Our tutor came to us I asked her “so miss its all over na,so now can we go home and sleep peacefully”

She said “u guys wait i will take u for the trip”

We:”wat will u…how…who will come with us”

She:”i will come”

We:”miss wat abt the func.”

She:”i will skip it”

That’s what we call what a teacher should be…For her students she skipped something important..

We went for tour with our tutor, her husband also came with us and there was a male teacher from meachnical dept. with his wife.

The trip was a great success….And our tutor is the best teacher for us….We all had enormous fun…..

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Exams—-Screw them

4 days back i finished my fourth semester exams.As i said earlier this semester unlike my other semesters i had my share of diseases like infective hepatitis(jaundice),and in between the exams i fell sick due to fever+chest infec.+cold+wat all usual small climatic bullshit.The thing is this time for all the exams i had one of my friend at home with me.We studied better atleast than if we try to do it alone.We watched movies,had songs played games in computer had our share of phone talks and all those stuff and with all these we studied also….Since i was hit with that jaundice shit my internals wer screwed,we have 6 theory papers out of which i was undersessional for 4.

The eve of our first exam which was Engg.Maths.Me and my friend was trying to finish of the book atleast once.Then one bloody fucking thought came to his shitty head.There is a person in our class who was close to us and is right now behaving weirdly.My friend took that subject during one of our break that night,it was around 12 mid night.Then we started talking about the past and present time we are having with him/her.We started talking at 12 in the night and we continued on that topic till 4 o’clock in the morning with taking black coffee at times and me holding a burning thing in between my fingers.

At 4’oclock we looked at each other and i said “oh shit brother we screwed our tommorow’s exam”

He asked me “what’s the time?”

I said “its 4 fucking am”

“ha ha ha 4am come on rohan let’s sleep…wait wait lemme calll jinu and tell this”

“aliya jinu tommorow we r gonna fuck our exam up coz we were havin a nice little chat about one of our classmate for 4 fuckin hours…gd nite dude”

Then both of us went to bed….I lied on the bed and switched the lights off and i just said that class mate’s name like hero of “Eurotrip” saying “Fionaaaa..”

My friend stood on the bed and shouted at me “mother fucker i know u,if iam this much pissed off then i know how much u may be pissed but there’s nothing we can do and we screwed our tommorow’s exam and let’s get screwed in silence…now shut the fuck up,stuck ur head under your fucking pillow and for fuck’s sake sleep atleast for 2fucking hours so that we can get screwed in the exam hall without falling asleep…so now shut the fuck up and sleep….halleloooya…god help us”

I just obeyed him and tried to sleep….did i had any other choice

I will give a clue about the friend who was in my home….I wrote an entire post about him…

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Genuine–The Casanova


I had promised u guys that i will write an entire post about my frined genuine and girls of his life…And i think its time….sorry “Genuine” is my friend’s name….genuinely

Let’s rewind some time back,let’s hit some past..i was in my 9th grade and i saw this tall lanky guy..Tallest one in my class,gud luking…..I came to good company with him, we sat on the same bench for the whole year and had enormous fun…In my skool life at one time i have looked only one girl but this guy was switching btw girls….Our skool was ran by a catholic management and this idiot was even caught by a nun for proposing to a gal…Then we reached 10th and here also he got a bloody fascination for a girl…Then came the saviour for Genuvi,one guy from our class and he said “bro genu i will tell ur matter to that gal and will make u two’s relationship successfull”,poor Genuvi beleived him.But after few days the saviour came and said to genuvi “aliya sorry eppo njangal 2 perum set up aayi,sorry”…Poor Genuvi again,but he had no probs he said “ok aliya i will have another one”…That is wer henuvi is really genuvi…

11th and 12th we were in separate skools but still i heard that one girl proposed him and he said yes….And that girl is now married to sum1 else and Genuvi attenetd her marriage…ha ha..kool

Then i saw him when i joined my college for Btech..I was seeing him after 2 years and in the 2 years he became more taller and more gud luking and more into his search for his dream girl.
Let me take a rough outline,this is our 2nd year in college and till now itself he has thought about 10 girls…Pardon me if i forgot sum1 its only a rough outline..

His first crush was towards a girl who got hgher option and left our class..Then came one girl from ECE..Then a lot of them ,most of ’em thinks that he’s a rogue but actually he’s the nicest one in our group.The rest of us occassionally drink beer i occasionally even smoke..But he doesn’t even drink beer occassionally coz with one cap full of beer he’s on a high.Then it will take him two days to get out of the booze.

But he is good at heart ya i mean it really nice….and i know once he hit a serious relationship then his girl will be lucky to have him..I am not expalining all his fascinations here puposefully.So any of u girls have a bad feeling about him correct it he is really a nice guy.One whom u can trust.

Cheers to u bro….u r awsome….and f****r stay away from JK flip-flop…\mm/

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Cup of Life

Iam kind of mad now….my adrenalin is on a high

and please bear……

Last sunday i was completely involved in soccer.I saw Barcelona F.C playing Espaniyol and i was playing “Fifa 07” all the day in my comp.I have always loved football.

While I was playing Fifa in my comp. a phone came,it was a senior of me…he asked “hey can you play for our branch tommorow in an intra collegiate football match”..I still was having that traces of jaundice and i was strictly forbidden from straining my body but football always have been my weakness or passion or craze so i couldn’t resist and i agreed to play….

Next day we were playing against Electrical dept. At 4:00pm we were ready and hit the ground.I looked at the team, 11 of us and i was shocked to realize that out of the 11 six were having jaundice. And when i talked to them i was again shocked to know that only 4 or 5 of us knew anything about football all the others were just in to make the playing eleven,we didnt even had a substitute.

I asked the captain “hey lets do the formation

4-4-2”.He agreed “ye man 4-4-2 is fine”.Then one of my fellow team mate asked “what’s a formation,and what’s 4-4-2″……

I was hit–“we are giong to play a football match with a guy who didn’t know what’s a 4-4-2 in football,great”..Then we had to expalin what’s

4-4-2 its 4 defenders+4mid fielders(2 of ’em on either wings)+2 strikers….

Then i heard the captain asking a lad “dude u do the defence,guard the left flank”….That guy said “nope i will do the mid-field”…Iam fucking sure that he knew no fuck about what’s happening in mid-field in a football match..

Match began and i was playing as a central defender and in between once when i looked on to my right side …there were no defenders from my team in front of the goal and 3 of the rival team’s strikers were waiting in front of our post for the ball….what a fuck…

I ran my ass off during the match and i was yelling and shouting and i fucked up my bloody throat…

In b/w one tall guy from my class who was in the team was saying “aliya enikku onnum kaanaan pattunnilla,kannil eruttu kerunnu”…..Fuck him every1 was in the same condition…..

We lost the match in quite a good margin but any way i was happy with what i did on field…Everyone from my team tried their best but the thing was most of ’em were not familiar with football…….

Cheers to all who came and joined and played for our team and for putting up a fight and keeping the spirits high in filed…….

Then there another group of m fuckers…they are all over the place bastards..,,These assholes will never get into any kind of actions like these but will be there at first place to blame or mock or to make fun of those who played but unfortunately lost….

There are guys in my class and everywer to whom we asked “dude please come and play we don’t have enuf team members”…..Its fine if they don’t come but if they keep their mouths shut,but their are some fuckers who were like next day “ha ha why did u guys play yesterday to lose”…..I have only one thing to say to those bastards “fuckers u are the worst creations ever happened on earth and u ppl are a burden to mother earth go get a life or hang urself bastards”….

Wow i am feel a lil releived when i wrote all these….

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