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Genuine–The Casanova


I had promised u guys that i will write an entire post about my frined genuine and girls of his life…And i think its time….sorry “Genuine” is my friend’s name….genuinely

Let’s rewind some time back,let’s hit some past..i was in my 9th grade and i saw this tall lanky guy..Tallest one in my class,gud luking…..I came to good company with him, we sat on the same bench for the whole year and had enormous fun…In my skool life at one time i have looked only one girl but this guy was switching btw girls….Our skool was ran by a catholic management and this idiot was even caught by a nun for proposing to a gal…Then we reached 10th and here also he got a bloody fascination for a girl…Then came the saviour for Genuvi,one guy from our class and he said “bro genu i will tell ur matter to that gal and will make u two’s relationship successfull”,poor Genuvi beleived him.But after few days the saviour came and said to genuvi “aliya sorry eppo njangal 2 perum set up aayi,sorry”…Poor Genuvi again,but he had no probs he said “ok aliya i will have another one”…That is wer henuvi is really genuvi…

11th and 12th we were in separate skools but still i heard that one girl proposed him and he said yes….And that girl is now married to sum1 else and Genuvi attenetd her marriage…ha ha..kool

Then i saw him when i joined my college for Btech..I was seeing him after 2 years and in the 2 years he became more taller and more gud luking and more into his search for his dream girl.
Let me take a rough outline,this is our 2nd year in college and till now itself he has thought about 10 girls…Pardon me if i forgot sum1 its only a rough outline..

His first crush was towards a girl who got hgher option and left our class..Then came one girl from ECE..Then a lot of them ,most of ’em thinks that he’s a rogue but actually he’s the nicest one in our group.The rest of us occassionally drink beer i occasionally even smoke..But he doesn’t even drink beer occassionally coz with one cap full of beer he’s on a high.Then it will take him two days to get out of the booze.

But he is good at heart ya i mean it really nice….and i know once he hit a serious relationship then his girl will be lucky to have him..I am not expalining all his fascinations here puposefully.So any of u girls have a bad feeling about him correct it he is really a nice guy.One whom u can trust.

Cheers to u bro….u r awsome….and f****r stay away from JK flip-flop…\mm/

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