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MBA—To do or not to do….A conversation with “The Mute Oracle”

This guy The Mute Oracle,i know him personally.We were in good company 2 years back.After that he went to US and our contacts has been limited to conversations in google talk.We chat once in a while or something,say like once in a month or once in 2 months.But whenever we talk he makes me understand things or helps to widen my view or even leave me confused.

He’s the one who is responsible for if i am watching any good cinemas,he’s the one who gave me all those classic and brilliant movies.

The reason why i am writing this post is,today i had a chat with him.I am finishing my engineering in 3months and i am not yet placed in a company and i was planning to do MBA in HR right after my Btech.

The conversation was like this:

rohan: hi
mute oracle..

Mute Oracle: hahaha
nothing much bro
how are things with you?

rohan: good man…had one lab exam today

MO: aah
how was it?

rohan: went fine
how are things with u
i read ur blog

MO: oh

rohan: 2008 was good for u rite

MO: and?
yeah. it was\
how about youy?

rohan: i liked that simla post
a bit of both
cleared all my backlogs
but still no job
u know

MO: hmmm
but isnt the bike thing paying you?

rohan: it fucking costs a lot here to do an MBA man

MO: i thought you had shows n stuff

rohan: no dude…shows doesn’t pay much

MO: why the fuck do you want to do an MBA now? are you crazy?

rohan: and stunting is ruining my bike
man really really iam not a s/w guy
i know shit abt pgming

MO: dude, getting an MBA right after you degree is professional suicide
you dont have any experience and you will be overqualified for all the   jobs

rohan: and i feel that an MBA in HR will be sumthin which i am gonna enjoy
dude seriously i dont want to be a s/w prof

MO: and in this economic conditions, the managers are the first people to be fired.
look at all the job markets bro. companies have realised that they need people who ‘do things’, not people who ‘manage people who do things’

rohan: hmm…
how long will this prevail…and btw
i dont think that there will be jobs in s/w either now
i will have to join sumthing like sutherland or sumthing

MO: one of the interesting things that Krugman said is this – when everyone works for a couple of years and then become managers…it is inevitable that theere will be more managers than peoople to manage.

rohan: hmm…yea

MO: and what happens then is that there is a need to keep them happy. companies becoe greedy… more managers lead to a ruined economy.
even in my company, there is a thrust towards removing in-betweeners.
my boss’s boss has been fired.

rohan: damn

MO: i interact more iwth the client than before.
why should there be a person above me, who’s only job is to talk to the client and tell me what they want. when it is cheaper and infintely more efficitne when i can do the talking to the client myself.
the reponse is faster. the cost is less. the whiole thing is more efficient
MBA is bullshit
you dont learn anything in MBA man. its a degree thats only there to prove to people that you have na masters.

rohan: hmm….shit man…

MO: and that defeats the puropose of education
ask yourself…do you want to learn something usefull, or do you want to learn nothing but show everyone that you lerned something

rohan: so which course will u prefer if i wanna do higher studies

MO: nothing. first, get a job.
and then youw iwll realise what you are good at

rohan: yeah wohi tho

MO: even if you think you dont like software, you can never know it for sure unless you try it
and besides
a computer guy doesnt have to be a programmer
there are networing dudes,
database dudes,
business analysts
lots of jobs

rohan: yeah that’s my only bloody hope…even if in college i know the logic to crack sumthing..i donno how to code it

MO: coding is easy
couple of weeks of training and you will be coding without any problem

rohan: business analysts!! actually wat do they do
wat’s their job

MO: i was actually offered the job of a business analyst at Spectrum in India.

rohan: spectrum
at ekm
10k a month

MO: The Business Analyst is the one who goes to the client and plans the whole business process involved in a project
so, essentially you gather requirements, analyse if your company can fulfill the cleints requirements. negotiate with the client and with your company to make changes.
and finally settle on an agreement.

rohan: ok..

MO: and then you come up with a plan to execute the requirements.
who does what etc.
essentially you are the guy who gets the company the projects

rohan: hmm..that’s also kind of a middle man rite
like a manager

MO: no. a business analyst is the guy who writes the proposals that get projects

rohan: hmm

MO: a company with a few really good business analysts will do big
programmers and managers can be replaced bro
but if you are a business aanalyst and you get fired, the company is losing a lot
you move to the next company, and you can easily get that company access to your old clients

rohan: yeahh
hmm…need to think
u know

MO: yeah.
well…and business analysts should know the basics of everything

MO: programming, design, management,

rohan: hmm
there dude

MO: hmm?

rohan: u saw wat i said rite
dude…the net connection was terminated

MO: no

rohan: huh

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A lonely hungry sleepless night with hell a lot of smoke

August 20

Tonight my fucking internet is screwed.The server is mother fucking screwed,cant access the shit.You may think that “what this asshole can’t live a night without this goddamn internet”..yeah may be i can but tonight i fucking want it.

Right now i am all alone at home.My mom’s sister is sick,so it has been quite a few days since all my family left for my mother’s house.I only came here today evening coz i was tired and i wanted peace i wanted comfort.I have planned a trip tommorow.When i came here in the evening the goddamn net was alrite and what i came to know in first hand was sometimes my tommorow’s trip may be a mere fucking waste.Then in the night the internet got screwed and i came to know from jinu that for what i came here today will not happen.Since from last few days my house was deserted there is no food here.I was happy to skip my dinner tonight if what i wished should have happened.And now i know that tonight nothing is gonna work out.
I am disturbed,frustrated,sad what all negative feelings you can think of,right now all that is fucked into my freaky head.Jinu called me and tried to comfront me,i cursed him and hanged up the goddamn phone.Then i felt “its not his fault its all mine” i sent him a message saying that i am sorry.He called me again and we talked a bit.Then i tired to make my heart feel light by watching “American Pie-The Wedding”,Sean William Scott was able to make me smile occasionally thorugh the movie.The movie got over.And then i was feeling void or i was feeling hell a lot of things.
Sometimes i have felt that this house of mine is not large enough but its small.But tonight right now i feel like being in a “Castle of Lord Draculla”.I feel like the rear door downstairs is about a 5miles far.I lit up a smoke,never ever the smoke has helped me this much as it is doing now.Then i played a playlist in my computer,i felt irritated with all those pop and rap stuff then came a death metal gig and i was like “fucking hilarious”.Then what i did was adding some more death metal or black metal kind of stuff to the play list and i enjoyed the mood.I just banged my head for some 45minutes continuosly with that music and right now my bloody neck is breaking and paining like hell.Sometimes you may ask me “what the hell you know about black and death metal”..may be i know shit and since i dont owe you people a fucking thing,i don’t give a rat’s ass for what you think about it.And 1 more thing,in my orkut profile i have said that death and black metal music is suicidal and right now i am listening to it,so am i suicidal now “ha ha god knows”

Now i realise that this will be a sleepless night…i will hear music more i will light up more and i will surely watch 1 or 2 movies more…And u people think that i am insane..go ahead think what u want and i dont expect you people to under-fucking-stand any thing.Since this is my blog i can write whatever i want….can’t i..

And i dont mean no harm to anyone,its just that the mood is not right……

{Since the net is screwed i am typing this in notepad,wen the net will resurrect i will post this}


p.s:-You dont worry reading this…..i will wait all along…..don’t worry its just one more off mood rohan..take care dear..

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