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Quentin Tarantino–Director/Writer/Producer/Actor


Before starting let me make an excuse iam by no way an authority or even anybody to speak about Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born March 27,1963 is an American Film Director,Actor, and Oscar winning screenwriter.

I dont know when did i become a fan of this immensly talented film maker.May be its once when i went to a local video library named ORANGE in my home town,I saw a dvd of a film called PULP FICTION.That movie grabbed my attention because of its wide star cast,it had John Travolta,Samuel L.Jackson,Bruce Willis,Uma Thurman,Ving Rhames,Christopher Walken.So i just looked the name of the director who made this movie it said Quentin Tarantino.I took the dvd went home and watched it and i fell for it.It was not any big-budget shit with a lot of guns or bombs or sex bomb heroines or something.I was amazed by the performance of Samuel L.Jackson and even Travolta.A sereis of scenes showing Travolta walking around high on drugs itself was a great experience.I loved that movie.

QT in Reservoir Dogs

Then one another day i got a movie called KILL BILL.I took the movie because i saw the director’s name as QT.I was stunned by the movie.The movie was the “bloodiest” of all movies i have ever seen.In KILL BILL vol1,there is a sword fight sequence and i have heard that QT used thousands of gallons of fake blood to shoot that particular scene.One critic described it as “Cocktail party in an abattoir”,an abattoir is a slaughter house.

Then i saw KILL BILL vol2,Reservoir Dogs,Sincity(QT as guest director) all of them i felt awsome.QT’s movies are no scifi action shit with as i said lot of guns and bombs.QT got his own style of story telling.In most of his films he doesnt tell in the story in regular order.He shows us the things happend first then only sometimes he may be introducing the character involved in that particular point.

One other speciality of QT is the dialogues in his movies.The movie Reservoir Dogs starts with a conversation about “Fuck like a virgin”.And QT himself who played a character called Mr.Brown in the movie is explaining what is meant by “Fuck like a virgin”.Then the fancy names he uses in his movies for example in KILL BILL an assasination squad is named “Deadly Viper Assasination Squad” some members of the squad were named like “California Mountain Snake”,”Black Mamba”,”Cobrahead” etc..

I dont know what creates an excitment in me when i see the name of QT with a movie let it be as the writer or director or producer or even actor.Whenever i see the name of QT associated with a movie i feel excited and i dead want to see it.

I didnt see his recently released movie “DEATH PROOF” will see it shortly and he announced his new upcoming movie its called “Inglorious Bastards” (what a name dog)……..

P.S:-This is a post by an ignorant person about a genius,i am noone to assess him.So pardon me if I messed the whole thing up.

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The Bourne Identity—Movie Review


“The Bourne Identity” has Matt Damon as an action star and the relatively unknown Franka Potente as his unwitting partner.After “The Bourne Identity,” Potente will be a much more recognizable – and admired – actress. In “The Bourne Identity,” Damon plays a man who is rescued at sea and awakens unaware of who he is or how he got there. All he does know is that he possesses incredible skills at fighting and can scan a scene and know instantly what’s safe, who is an ally, and where the quickest escape routes are. These don’t seem to be skills your average Joe would possess, so Damon’s character knows something’s up.

After discovering passports with multiple identities, bundles of cash, and a gun, all securely placed in a safe deposit box, Damon adopts Jason Bourne as his likeliest name and embarks on a hunt for his true identity. Teaming up with an unwitting accomplice, Marie Kreutz (played by Franka Potente), Bourne fights off police officers, secret agents, an unknown but powerful organization, and participates in an incredible chase through the streets of Paris that rivals the classic chase scene from “The French Connection.” He does all this while trying not to fall for Marie’s considerable charms.

Matt Damon proves he’s more than up to the task as an action star. With muscles rippling, he fights, flees, and falls in love more convincingly than most actors we’ve been forced to accept as action heroes. Franka Potente isn’t the classic leading lady – she’s beautiful in a more subtle way – and she’s much more than the typical damsel in distress. The audience can relate to, and believe, that Damon’s Bourne falls for her quickly because of her beauty, brains and personality. These two are on-screen for the majority of the film, leaving veteran actors Chris Cooper and Brian Cox to complete the story with substantially less screen time. Cooper and Cox make the most of their limited roles, fleshing out their two-dimensional characters and elevating their jobs as supporting players to a higher level.

“The Bourne Identity” is more than an action film; it’s even more than an action/romance. “The Bourne Identity” has the benefit of interesting characters, a cast of actors who don’t go over the top with their stunts, a storyline that keeps on moving, and enough dialogue to make even a non-action/adventure fan like myself pay attention to the film. Not once did I look at my watch during the screening – and that’s saying a lot for a movie.


Director: Doug Liman

Based on the Novel By: Robert Ludlum

Jason Bourne – Matt Damon
Marie – Franka Potente
Conklin – Chris Cooper
The Professor – Clive Owen
Ward Abbott – Brian Cox

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Batman Begins-Movie Review


 Cast:Christian Bale,Michael Caine,Katie Holmes,Liam Neeson,Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman.

Directed by:Christopher Nolan

How does one man change the world? It’s a question that haunts Bruce Wayne like the specter of his parents, gunned down before his eyes in the streets of Gotham on a night that changed his life forever. Tormented by guilt and anger, battling the demons that feed his desire for revenge and his need to honor his parents’ altruistic legacy, the disillusioned industrial heir vanished from Gotham and secretly travels the world, seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. In his quest to elucidate himself in the ways of the criminal mind, Bruce is mentored by a mysterious man called Ducard in the mastery of the physical and mental disciplines that will empower him to fight the evil he has vowed to destroy. He soon finds himself the target of recruiting efforts by the League of Shadows, a powerful, subversive vigilante group headed by enigmatic leader Ra’s al Ghul. Bruce returns to Gotham to find the city devoured by rampant crime and corruption. Wayne Enterprises, his family’s former bastion of philanthropic business ideals, now rests in the hands of CEO Richard Earle, a man more concerned with taking the company public than serving the public good. Meanwhile, Bruce’s close childhood friend Rachel Dawes, now an Assistant District Attorney, can’t secure a conviction of the city’s most notorious criminals because the justice system has been so deeply polluted by scum like crime boss Carmine Falcone. It doesn’t help that prominent Gotham psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Crane bolsters insanity defenses for Falcone’s thugs in exchange for nefarious favors that serve his own devious agenda. With the help of his trusted butler Alfred, detective Jim Gordon–one of the few good cops on the Gotham police force–and Lucius Fox, his ally at the Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences division, Bruce Wayne unleashes his awe-inspiring alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses strength, intellect and an array of high tech weaponry to fight the sinister forces that threaten to destroy the city.


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