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All those Facade goes in vain


“HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS DARING”Tank man” blocking a column of tanks heading east on Beijing‘s Chang’an Boulevard (Avenue of Eternal Peace) near Tiananmen Square during the student uprising. This photo was taken from the sixth floor of the Beijing Hotel, about half a mile away through a 400mm lens.—-

He is the true rebel,lone protester who tried to stop four advancing tanks until he was pulled into the crowd by several onlookers.1989 Tiananmen Square incident…..

Rohan salutes you

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“Jaundy days continues”

Read from the beginning that is from my first blog

So the next day i took rest,i called my friends while they were in college  and talked to them,heard that Braj’s count also went up and he went home…my health condition made me understand that i wont be able to go to college the next day which was really a bad news for me coz i wanted to be there with my people…

  Days passed and it became Monday and i went to see a doc nearby,he examined me and proposed complete rest and i felt “damn now i am screwed”…Me and my dad went to Muvattupuzha to check blood and while awaiting result we went to college.It was noon interval at college i saw my friends and that one and my dad met my teachers..After that we went to the lab to get result it said “bilirubin count is 8″…I was like “fuck what’s happening to me”..then the next mornin my eyes were all yellow….

And when u have jaundice food sucks…..i was allowed to eat fruits and drink juices and drink kanji and it was tuf for me and i dint had much food….

On 4th May Friday..I went and checked my blood again and then the count was 14.4 and then i realised modern medicine cant cure this shit…

And i went to see an ayurvedic doc he gave me some “kashaayams and lehyams” and told me to come on tuesday thats on may 8th…..thats the news till now…..

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“BEGINNING–Jaundice hits hard…damn hard”

Since this is my blog it will be about my world,my passions,my friends and my life…so i will be mentioning about my friends and almost everything around me anyway i cant reveal everything…

25th april 2007,wednesday:I wake up from my bed and i was damn dizzy.I thought its because i slept pretty late the previous night..I went along with my routine and reached my college and when i reached there i started feeling “damn i have a fever”.There were students in the college who were hit with jaundice so my friends Jinu and Sherine wanted me to go to hospital and check my stats.

I thought “ok lets go and have a check”.Before leavin for the hospital i met the person whom i wanted to meet and that person also adviced me to go to the hospital.(i cant reveal more about that person)

On my way to the hospital i felt that i was becomin more and more weak..Jinu and Sherine was with me and they took me to Holy Family hospital near Thodupuzha..I saw the doc and conducted some tests.The results came in the noon,it said “bilirubin count is 2 which should be less than 1″.The doc said “control ur diet rest for a day and u will be fine”.My parents came to pic me up from Thodupuzha and on our way back i went to my college and met my class tutor and that person and told them that “i will be back on friday,i just need a day’s rest”….I went to my house and took rest for the day…..

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My First Blog!

Ok dear i start my blog…

A lot my friends wanted me to start a blog..they all think that i have a lot to say to the world,some one even said there’s something which is ready to erupt in ur here i start with my blog …i am giving a try and i donno how much i will succeed,godamn hell to do with success..i will just write what all shit comes to my freaky head…

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