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Heath Ledger-May Your Soul Rest In Peace


Heath Ledger(4thApril 1979-22nd January 2008)

Gone,he’s gone…..What’s there to say, yet another  great talent fades away…RIP Heath….


  • The Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus(in production)
  • The Dark Knight(2008,post production—–The Joker)
  • I’m not there(2007———Robbie Clark)
  • Candy(2006—————-Dan)
  • Casanova(2005————-Casanova)
  • Brokeback Mountain(2005-Ennis Del Mar)
  • The Brother’s Grimm(2005-Jacob Grimm)
  • Lord’s of Dogtown(2005—-Skip)
  • The Order(2003———–Alex Bernier)
  • Ned Kelly(2003————Ned Kelly)
  • The Four Feathers(2002—Harry Faversham)
  •  Monster’s Ball(2001——-Sonny Brotowski)
  • A Knight’s Tale(2001——-Sir William Thatcher)
  • The Patriot(2000———-Gabriel Martin)
  • Two Hands(1999———–Jimmy)
  • 10 Things I hate about you(1999-Patrick Verona)
  • Paws(1997—————–Oberon)
  • Blackrock(1997————-Ackland)

Heath Ledger as “Joker” in “The Dark Knight”….His last movie….Bye…


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Five movies a single day..

Yesterday was a disappointing day.I was alone,all alone.The people i love were busy yesterday and i was sitting idle at home.

Morning 9am,I was finding it hard to escape from my loneliness and planned to watch a movie..I started seeing STARDUST

Awsome movie,i haven’t seen such a great fantasy movie in near time..Was bowled over

The movie finished by 11 o’clock

Rating 10/10

After that i took a break for half an hour and started with another one RONIN  starred by Robert De Niro.It was also a very good movie.


Rating 9.5/10

Then from 5pm i started with the next movie of the day The Kingdom.This movie was kind of looking an above average movie.But the last 30-40 minutes or something was just awsome.


Rating 9.5/10

Then next show began around 8:30pm which was Rescue Dawn.I think one the best performance by Christian Bale


Rating 10/10

The final show began at 1am which was the must desired Y Tu Mama Tambien

Glorious movie…..


Rating 10/10

And i finshed the business by around 3:30 am.

Whatever  are not happening as i desire.Or however lonely i am…These movies,while i watch them take me to another level…Stardust was showing me one hell of a fantasy world….Rescue Dawn was entertaining me with the life of a USAF pilot shot down behind enemy lines in Vietnam……

Was a great day for my movie desire alone…Everything else is screwed…….

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Johnny Depp singing in Sweeney Todd

Its the video of Johnny Depp singing in his recent movie “Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Sweeney Todd

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Quentin Tarantino–Director/Writer/Producer/Actor


Before starting let me make an excuse iam by no way an authority or even anybody to speak about Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born March 27,1963 is an American Film Director,Actor, and Oscar winning screenwriter.

I dont know when did i become a fan of this immensly talented film maker.May be its once when i went to a local video library named ORANGE in my home town,I saw a dvd of a film called PULP FICTION.That movie grabbed my attention because of its wide star cast,it had John Travolta,Samuel L.Jackson,Bruce Willis,Uma Thurman,Ving Rhames,Christopher Walken.So i just looked the name of the director who made this movie it said Quentin Tarantino.I took the dvd went home and watched it and i fell for it.It was not any big-budget shit with a lot of guns or bombs or sex bomb heroines or something.I was amazed by the performance of Samuel L.Jackson and even Travolta.A sereis of scenes showing Travolta walking around high on drugs itself was a great experience.I loved that movie.

QT in Reservoir Dogs

Then one another day i got a movie called KILL BILL.I took the movie because i saw the director’s name as QT.I was stunned by the movie.The movie was the “bloodiest” of all movies i have ever seen.In KILL BILL vol1,there is a sword fight sequence and i have heard that QT used thousands of gallons of fake blood to shoot that particular scene.One critic described it as “Cocktail party in an abattoir”,an abattoir is a slaughter house.

Then i saw KILL BILL vol2,Reservoir Dogs,Sincity(QT as guest director) all of them i felt awsome.QT’s movies are no scifi action shit with as i said lot of guns and bombs.QT got his own style of story telling.In most of his films he doesnt tell in the story in regular order.He shows us the things happend first then only sometimes he may be introducing the character involved in that particular point.

One other speciality of QT is the dialogues in his movies.The movie Reservoir Dogs starts with a conversation about “Fuck like a virgin”.And QT himself who played a character called Mr.Brown in the movie is explaining what is meant by “Fuck like a virgin”.Then the fancy names he uses in his movies for example in KILL BILL an assasination squad is named “Deadly Viper Assasination Squad” some members of the squad were named like “California Mountain Snake”,”Black Mamba”,”Cobrahead” etc..

I dont know what creates an excitment in me when i see the name of QT with a movie let it be as the writer or director or producer or even actor.Whenever i see the name of QT associated with a movie i feel excited and i dead want to see it.

I didnt see his recently released movie “DEATH PROOF” will see it shortly and he announced his new upcoming movie its called “Inglorious Bastards” (what a name dog)……..

P.S:-This is a post by an ignorant person about a genius,i am noone to assess him.So pardon me if I messed the whole thing up.

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